.Def files

Black Hawk Down & Team Sabre

Important info about mods

Paintball mod : - Step 1 .....Simply rename your original exp1.pff to teamsabre.pff                        

                       - Step 2 .....put pball.pff into your game directory

                       - Step 3 .....Rename pball.pff to exp1.pff

Medic mod    :  This mod is just a test and it only works when you host a game. In order to have it fully functional,
                       all player must have.  It will only work for you and they will call you cheat O.O

                       Medic mod is a combination of 2 files

                       file 1 : dfbhdbat.exe ..... This file tricks GameRanger by allowing the mod to be played with GR

                       file 2 : weapon.def   ..... This file is the medic mod.

                       This mod is also simple to install. Just put the files (2) into your game directory and rename your
                       original dfbhd.exe as 1.exe

                       Then rename dfbhdbat.exe as dfbhd.exe


                        Your done !





Password to access game in GameRanger : DFH-001

Une vid�o de gameplay...